London – My Perfect City

I’ve visited many countries and sampled their culture but I always come back to London, my perfect city. Whatever you’re looking for in a city can be found in London. Its history, it’s historic buildings, its modern buildings, its parks, its attractions, its theatres and cinemas, its restaurants, its PEOPLE !!.

Walk around the shopping streets of Oxford Street or its up-market neighbour Regent Street and you’ll hear voices from all around the world. Some of those people are just visiting on holiday but the city attracts and holds people of every race, colour and creed.

London offers so much to the photographer, each day brings something new, each bus journey seems to produce a new discovery just waiting to be photographed.

This website contains a number of my photos together with a commentary on the subject of the photograph. I hope that you enjoy them and that one day you too will get the chance to visit this amazing city.


Chantik Safur
October 2015